Good News of July 18

Each day arrives with its own mixed bag of challenges and joys. We grow from one, we celebrate the other. One pokes at us for action, for reflection, the other reminds us to celebrate the moment, embracing it into our memories. Today is a special day for me already – it’s the anniversary of my entry into the CU Movement six years ago.

However, I’m not reflecting on yesteryear, I’m reflecting on the Good News of today, 2011. A CDFI grant has been awarded to Whatcom County, former home of yours truly. Several CU friends put in the work to win that award. I am almost speechless with pride for them, and I feel so happy for the difference this will make.

Credit unions *do* make a difference. I know this, I see it first hand, every day. This movement is made up of people whose small daily actions add up into life-changing actions. They work hard because they understand the positive impact their actions will have, especially when used in cooperation with others. Together, we’re working to paint a beautiful picture, to help our world move into a network of healthy, vibrant communities.

This is so much good news, truly.  Don’t stop believin’!

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