This is a Reason

This is a reason, not an excuse: I love my job. Transitioning has taken some focus, and other areas of my life have also absorbed my attention. All is well, truly, but it does mean that writing was not my first priority.

A quick note about the inspiration for the title: it comes from the Plan B Philosophy, a blog that was mentioned independently by two people when I was Crashing the GAC last week. It stood out as a lesson in its title alone: Don’t let a reason become an excuse. So, naturally, my mind’s been running that in the background. And just as naturally, I realized there was nothing stopping me from writing for a few minutes this evening. Love it.

In the Plan B Philosophy’s  December post, Jeff Russell discusses a number of truths about life, specifically how events will come up that can affect our best intentions:

They are all reasons – valid ones at that. But when they become excuses, we lose something else – our ability to feel as if we control our own destiny.

It’s practically a given that there will be points in life where you stop, evaluate, and make a conscious choice in your life. To paraphrase Shakespeare for a line: all of life’s a choice, and we are merely choosers in it. In that case, I’d like to make a conscious choice to choose well and often.

So, with that, I intend to write regularly, as it helps me process the lessons I’m learning, and the things I’m seeing. Readers, I hope you find some value in it, even if it’s only in a periodic smile. You’re always welcome to post your perspectives on any subject, I’m curious to know what you’re thinking, and how things look from where you stand.

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2 Responses to This is a Reason

  1. Camille says:

    I am a strong supporter of this as a personal principle but when applied to the professional/work/job realm, it makes me think of free market economics.

    Yeah. Anyway! You wrote! Yay!

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