Engaging Passion at Work

Stepping outside of my outlined topics for an interlude post…

One of my colleagues and I are having a discussion on his blog about motivation, and helping employees to feel connected to the CU Movement.  For me, it’s also tying into an online conversation I was having with a fellow Crasher about envisioning a perfect credit union (PCU).  So far, the PCU conversation has revolved solely around employees, and helping them feel happy and engaged.

The more I think about this, the more I think that happiness and engagement is the secret to a successful CU.  Having employees who seek opportunities to tie their passions to their job through creative ways will be more committed to sharing their joy with others.  They will be more focused and engaged with their work, because their work finds ways to feed and support their passion.

At the same time, I don’t know what sort of roadblocks might stand in the way of achieving this.  I’m not too concerned though, as my experience has led me to believe that limitations are simply a challenge to get even more creative.  There’s no funding to support this endeavor?  Okay.  How can we pursue this for free?

I feel fortunate that my passions aren’t expensive.  I love to write, I love to move, I love people.  These are things that I can do everyday, with no cost apart from time.  These things are also extremely easy to incorporate into my life at work.

My goal: identify what motivates all my colleagues, and find ways to integrate their passion into their job.  Opportunities abound, and it’s a matter of helping them find those opportunities.

What passions do you have, and in what ways could your company support you in achieving them?  In a supportive environment, how would you show up at work?  How would you show up outside of work?

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